Pcb Etching Solution

Introduction: Pcb Etching Solution

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step one for etching a pcb is ig gather hydrogen peroxide ,vinegar, and salt.

step two mix 50 50 hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.

step three place pcb in solution (i will go over how to prepare a pcb soon)

step four add the salt to activate the mixture (the salt can also be used to speed up the etching

Step 1: Step 2 Pcb Preparation

to do this you must sand/steel wool the pcb.

after that dont touch the sanded side. the sanding removes any oxidation and grease from your fingers off the board.

step 2(optional) use a dremel to cut down to size. (this part is optional) use the dremel to mill copper of the unused side this will make etching easier and faster.

Step 2: Making It Work

now that you have your board you need to...

tin: add solder paste to board. the melt a small amount os solder to smear on the board(you dont need alot).

center punch holes: if your doing sm board (surface mount) skip thus step. take a center punch and punch where you need holes.

drill: again surface mount doesnt need this so skip it. drill your holes where center punched its not that hard.

solder mask: if you have any solder mask you can add it now (if you do dont tin the board)

silk screen (optional) silk screen part numbers or what ever you want on your board. i just etched my initials on the board(GT)..

now my board didnt turn out well but i can still save it.

i will be adding pictures later.

at this point in the etching if there is a metal (iron) you need to age throw it in the mixture pull it out and let it dry.

my board failed because i used less vinegar tan i should have.

so i will end this one here.

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