Peace Pendant Necklace




- 9 Elaine Ray Barrel Beads, 14 mm (we used old bronze, pewter, and creme brulee)
- 1 Elaine Ray Peace pendant, 22 mm
- 1 inch Antique Brass open extender chain, 5 x 7 mm
- 6 Antique Brass jump rings, 9 mm
- 1 Antique Brass lobster claw clasp 9 x 17 mm
- 20 inches Antique Brass textural bar straight chain, 1 x 14 mm

- Chain nose pliers


Step 1: Separate Your Chain

Count from one end of the chain to the end of the third bar. With your chain nose pliers gently open the oval ring at the end of the bar and separate the three links from the remainder of the chain to create a 3-link chain section. Set oval rings and 3-link chain section aside. Repeat to create a total of 8 3-link chain sections, 2 4-link chain sections and 1 1-link chain section. You may have additional links, set them aside for another project.

Step 2: Add Pendant

With your chain nose pliers open a 9 mm jump ring and feed the ring through the opening at the top of the peace pendant. Thread one end of a 3-link chain section onto the open jump ring. Close the jump ring securely.

Step 3: Add Beads to Chain

Thread a barrel bead onto the end of the 3-link chain section attached to the pendant. Using a 9 mm jump ring attach a second 3-link chain section to the end of the bar chain that emerges from the barrel bead. Thread a barrel bead onto the end of the chain section and use one of the reserved oval rings to attach the next piece of chain.

Step 4: Finish Your Chain

Repeat step 3 to create a length of chain with four barrel beads separated by bar chain. Finish this side by attaching a 4-link chain section to the final barrel bead.

Step 5: Finish Necklace

Complete the second side of the necklace in the same manner using four barrel beads and the remaining 3- and 4-link chain sections. Finish both ends by attaching the lobster claw and extender chain with your chain nose pliers.



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    I find it humorous that the 60's "V" peace symbol started out as "Peace through Victory" in Brittan.