Peace Wreath




You need this in your life. 

Supplies: one old wreath, cardboard tubes, scrap fabric, and a hot glue gun. 

Step 1: The Frame

Create the frame for the peace sign with hollow cardboard tubes – paper towel, wrapping paper, and toilet paper rolls are perfect. Measure and cut one long tube to fit inside the center of the wreath and hot glue in place. Take two smaller rolls and measure and cut to branch off of the center – cut these at an angle so that they fit as closely as possible and hot glue in place. All of this will be wrapped in fabric – and it’s VERY forgiving – so don’t be a perfectionist about it.

Step 2: The Fabric

Rip or cut your scrap fabric into strips. The width isn’t important. Neither are clean edges. Choose a side to be the back and glue the start of the fabric strip to the wreath, wrap around so that it overlaps, and make sure that you glue the end of the fabric to the back as well. Continue with all of your scrap fabric until the entire wreath is covered.

Step 3: The Ribbon

Loop a piece of ribbon and hot glue to the top center for hanging.

That’s it. 


Make some using tinsel instead of fabric and make all your neighbors insanely jealous. You'll see.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I saw the thumbnail and thought "OMG I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE" then laughed until I died when I saw the first line of the instructable XD making this asap thanks it ROCKS!!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks very very awesome. I liked it.