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Introduction: Peach Punch

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Since i can remember, my family used to have a tradition for sylvester. The Peach Punch.

Its a pretty simple thing to do, but still people keep asking my how to do this, so i wanted to share it with all of you.

It is pretty sweet, and doesn't taste like the alcohol it contains. Girls really love it.
You can serve it warm (prepare it a few hours before you need it), or cold.

But the best thing? Of course, its fishing out the pieces of peach, everybody loves those.

This is my first instructable, and english ain't my native language, so please be kind with me :)

Step 1: The Ingridients

Well the shopping list is pretty short, and thats a good thing, its cheap, and easy.

1 bottle of Sparkling Wine (white)
1 bottle of white Wine
100ml Ye Olde Rum (harr)
150-200 gramms of simple white sugar (a bit less then 1/2 pound)
1 can of peaches

As you can see, you will end up with about 1,5 - 2 Liters.
That should be enough for 4-8 People, if you got more guests?
Well, you can simply double the ingridients.

You can use cheap wine, it doesn't really matter.
I suggest to use at least a dry wine, or a dry sparkling wine.
If both are sweet, it just won't taste that good.

When you wan't to serve it cool, put the wine bottles in the cooler for at least overnight. And leave it there until you serve it.
But if you want it warm (wich also tastes good), you should to get them out of the cooler a couple of hours before you serve it.

You want some more fruit in it? Put more in it, seriously if i had 2cans of peaches, i would use them.

Step 2: Preparing the Peaches

You got to prepare something for this punch, but who wouldn't guess that.

I recommend to do this 2 hours before you serve it. If you do it 5 hours earlier, it doesn't make a difference.

Pull the peaches out of the can, and seperate them from the liquid in the can, we don't need that liquid anymore.

Cut them into 1-3cm cubes, don't be to pitty with the size, again its something that doesn't really matter (didn't i told you its gonna be easy?)

You probably could use a smaller knive then i did.

Step 3: Adding the Sugar, the Rum, and Take a Break.

So we already got our peaches cut, and didn't lose any fingers.

Now you just add the sugar, the rum, and then... well just lean back for 2 hours.

If your not shure about the amount of sugar, then just add half of it. There's no problem in adding some sugar when needed after its completely done.

After you put in the sugar and the rum, stir it.
You want to stir it after about 30 minutes, and then again after an additional hour.

The sugar should completely dissolve in those 2 hours.
It doesn't hurt if it doesn't, but most of it will.

Step 4: The Grand Finally

After we had nice 2 hour nap, we gonna finish it.

And again its as simple as it gets.

Pour in the wine, and then sparkling wine.
When you pour the sparkling wine, it will start to foam, but just a tiny bit, and it only stays a few seconds

Stir it again, you should already know how this works.

Then taste it, just a little bit.

Is it to sour/dry? Add some sugar, and stir it again.

Congratulations, you're done.

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