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Making soup by yourself is a great way to put something healthy on the table. You can make a normal veggiesoup or tomatosoup, but it's way cooler to put something creative on the table. I made a peachy pumpkin soup (with a little inspiration from my boyfriend) and it was delicious. The pumpkin goes really well with the sweet taste of peaches. Here's the super easy recipe!

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Step 1: Ingredients

400-450 grams of Pumpkin (I hate cutting them actually, so I just bought pre-diced pumpkin)
6 Peach halves
1/2 piece Lemongrass
250 ml Cooking cream
2 Shallots
1 piece Garlic
1 tbs Tabasco (or whatever comes close. I used a dupe)
1 liter Water
2 cubes Herbs stock
10 grams Basil

You'll also need a handmixer or blender to make this.

Step 2: Let's Make Some Soup!

So it's easy, just follow my directions. Boil the water and add the stock cubes. Meanwhile, chop the shallots, lemongrass and garlic in to small pieces. Heat up a little oil in another pan and bake the shallots and lemongrass for a minute. Add the garlic and let it simmer for another minute. Now add the stock, pumpkin and peaches. Let that cook slowly for about 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile chop the basil. When the pumpkin is nice and soft put the mixer in there. Mix it 'til it's nice and smooth. If you use a blender, just put it in there 'til it's smooth. Now add the tabasco, basil and cooking cream. Stir and voila, it's done! Super easy and probably the loveliest pumpkin soup you'll ever eat.

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