Peacock Dream Catcher



Introduction: Peacock Dream Catcher

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Materials Used:-

  • Hoop
  • Silk Thread
  • Glue
  • Peacock Feathers
  • Artificial Feathers
  • Rhinestones
  • Satin Ribbon


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Step 1:

Start by sticking the ribbon around the loop with the help of glue.

Step 2:

Divide your loop proportionately and mark it with a marker.

Step 3:

Now tie one end of the silk thread to the loop.

Step 4:

Start weaving it around on the marks made.

Step 5:

Do the same all around.

Step 6:

Now for the second line, start weaving in the center of the first line you have made.

Step 7:

Keep going all around.

Step 8:

Step 9:

Cut around 5 to 6 pieces of silk thread and stick the feathers to one end.

Step 10:

Glue the rhinestones to the dream catcher.

Step 11:

Tie the other end of the pieces to the bottom of the dream catcher.
Stick some feathers to hide the knots.

Step 12:

Let it dry.

Your Dream Catcher is ready.

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