Peacock Princess Costume (fully Articulated Tail)





Introduction: Peacock Princess Costume (fully Articulated Tail)

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This is a tutorial on how to make a fully articulated peacock tail. Please leave comments below to let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Thanks!

Child size - 150 feathers eyes and spears
Adult - 200+ feathers

Heavy gauge wire
1 - Chicago Screw
1 - Arizona Ice tea Bottle
8 - washers
8 - screws
Elastic band 3"
Wooden board (if you desire the harness we created)

Harness of your choice (able to have something screwed into it

Step 1: Layout

Layout your feathers to create different layers of lengths. Each length becomes one layer.

Step 2: Netting Base

Cut different sizes of netting to form the base of the layers.

Step 3: Weaving Quills

Weave the quills into the netting to help secure them in. Then trim all excess length on the quills.

Tip: if they won't weave easily then add some tape to the end to make a point.

Step 4: Securing Quills

Hot glue each feather in two or three places along the quill  with the netting. This held up very well trick or treating, even with people stepping on it. Yet please be careful and try to avoid that it will bend or break the feathers.

Step 5: Wire Supports

Cut wire and bend a circle around your pin so the wire will rotate freely around.
Trim off excess wires at the circle on the end or it will catch in the netting.

Step 6: Wire Supports #2

Layout your largest layer of feathers first. Add two wires about  2"-3" apart from each other equal distant from the center. Trim the wires down so they are just long enough to be ran from the bottom center of the layer, weaving in and out of the netting till it reaches the quill of the feather you are wanting to hide it in. Then slowly insert the wire into the quill shaft until it cant go any more. This masks the wires and supports the height of the tail

Repeat this for every layer... altering from two wires to one in the center back to two wires. Until all layers are done. (smaller layers only need one)

Step 7: Making Brackets

Take the Arizona Tea Gallon jug and cut out brackets. Use hole punch to make your hole. I cut these symmetrical and used a heat gun at the center to fold them over, letting the plastic cool in the folded position.

In this picture there are only two pieces of the jug, one for each bracket. I have folded it three times once to the left once in the center and once to the right.

Step 8: Securing Brackets to Harness Base

Take a drill and pre-drill holes in the upper and lower left and right corners for each bracket and over the brace too. Then screw in a washer and screw.

Step 9: Connetting Tail to Harness

Run our Chicago Screw through one bracket then add all the wire loops from your tail layers and through the next bracket. Screw in the end to complete the mechanism.

Step 10: Decorating/disguising Harness

Decorate harness with tulle, feathers and anything else you with or hide it under a shirt to hide the brace.

Step 11: Waist Band/Harness Sizing

Trim and secure the elastic band to the size you need. Decorate it if necessary. We added a tutu over it.

Step 12:

Take any other gallon jug  containers and cut out the flat sides glue them to clear plastic (sold by the yard at some walmarts and Joann fabrics or use a large bag from a bedding set) so they fold symmetrically down the center. Cover with extra spear feathers and smaller eyes. Sew and glue to the very back layer of feathers in the center bottom to cover all the netting you can see. Punch a small hole in the upper left and right corners of the hard jug plastic. Run your fishing line through hole and secure. Feed the fishing line through the feathers when tail is in upright position.   Make the fishing line long enough to run to the waist and around the front of the tummy when tail is laying down, cut. Add beads at the end of the line to create handles.

Step 13: Other Accessories

ENJOY trick or treating and getting lots of candy for the best costume of the night!

Other accessories we made:
Crown with real peacock head feathers and tulle glued into a plastic toy crown
Trick or Treat bag - was decorated with a tutu and puffy paint
Choker Necklace - Stretchy sequin band with Velcro and a large gem
Gloves - $1 store gloves with tulle, gems and trim glued to them with Helmar 450 quick dry (best glue around IMO)
Shawl - Knitted to be in shape of  basic "wings" by my sister.



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    In my yard are more than twenty Peafowl...your rendition of the males is perfect, even to the 'tail down' effect mentioned by RRKROSE...just delightful.
    But what drove this comment is the accuracy of the little head top feathers and your model and her perfect poses; (if I did not know that she is a human I would think that she is a Peacock).

    1 reply

    Oh thanks so much Fishhead455, that means a great deal since I didn't have much of live models to pull the design from... got to love the internet for info like that though. My daughter just loved your comment. Thanks again.

    Buenos dias:

    Le hablo desde España.Sé que el tutorial hace mucho tiempo que lo hizo y por el idioma la traduccion de es muy complicado entenderlo.Habría otra pagina donde me pueda orientar mejor? tengo dudas con el anclaje para el movimiento.

    Gracias y precioso el traje

    this is such an awesome costume

    There are several parts of this I'm just not getting! I will order the pdf instructions. I may have a question or 2.

    1 reply

    Yes these instruction left out a lot of parts used and lacked detail in actuator construction. Leaves one to guess how it was put together in the final steps. She did a great job making it for her child. It's pretty awesome.

    Love thisss... <3 The costume is beautiful... But i can't find 150 feathers eyes and spears in my country. unfortunately

    There are several parts of this I'm just not getting! I will order the pdf instructions. I may have a question or 2.


    2 years ago

    I had a peacock but it flew away for mating season :(


    I've been working on a peacock inspired costume on and off for a convention in the spring, and I've been going nuts trying to figure out a good way to have a moveable, foldable tail. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for sharing your design! You rock, and your peacock princess looks like she's having a blast. :)

    I've pinned this and I've pondered it so long... I have peacock feathers but probably not enough. I absolutely love this! The most amazing thing I've ever seen! I just can't figure out how to accomplish this like you have. I wish you could come over and help me with it. :(

    This is an absolutely beautiful tail and I would just love to make one like this for a salsa social/costume party my cousin and I are attending for Halloween. I know it's been a year since you've done this, so I do understand if you don't remember, but would you happen to remember what size washers, screws, and the Chicago screw were or does that not matter?


    3 years ago

    Beautiful. I want to make like this for my baby girl.

    14, 2:35 PM.jpg

    Hi there,

    Its truly amazing that you figured this out. I am in the middle of putting one together and wanted stuck on the harness part as I can't tell if you have two wooden boards or one? You mentioned that 8 washers are needed but only see four, are the other four for the other wooden board? Or is there just one wooden board? Thank you so much!