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Introduction: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars

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The mouthwatering goodness of peanut butter and chocolate chip Larabars is so wonderful. They taste so good, that it's crazy the such few ingredients that are in them. It's a very good source of protein and fiber, so you can have energy while out hiking, camping, fishing, or doing whatever else this planet has to offer. Bring a batch to a tailgating party and have loads of energy to cheer on your favorite team. Or just sit back, relax, and munch on one of these fine snacks.

This recipe tastes just like the store-bought ones. They are very easy and very cheap to make. If you're on a budget this recipe is just the thing for you. It only requires 3 ingredients, how easy is that?

Step 1: Ingredients


3 cups Dates

3/4 cup Peanuts

1/4 cup Chocolate chips

You will first want to remove the pits from the dates.

Step 2: Food Processor

Add the peanuts to the food processor and pulse until it is crumbly as in the picture. Now add the dates and chocolate chips and mix it until it becomes doughy, like in the 3rd picture.

Step 3: Freezing

Press the dough into a glass pan making it about a half an inch thick. Freeze the mixture for about twenty minutes.

Step 4: Cutting Into Shape

Remove it from the freezer and cut it into your desired shape. You are now done. Thank you for viewing this instructable and if you enjoyed it please vote.

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    17 Discussions

    Looks really good, I'm definitely gonna try these the next time I do a family camping trip. Have you done any testing with the recipe to see how it holds up to long term storage?

    1 reply

    I reckon it depends on the chocolate (cheaper tends to be less melty more preservatives) and how well you kept it clean before sealing. to test this make a large amount of small bars and seal then open one every few days. week. month(if the product shows no sign of deterioration ) and test using good old human senses. So that the estimated use by date can be guessed!


    3 years ago

    I understand that the freezing step is to firm them up for cutting, but is there any refrigeration required to preserve them? I'm not familiar with dates so I don't know how long they keep

    1 reply

    No, they don't require refrigeration. The chocolate could get melty though. Dates are good for a long time.

    Then you're lucky, because it is made with chocolate chips! No raisons here...

    Nuts + dates + chocolate = great combo!