Peanut Butter Soup & Fufu




Introduction: Peanut Butter Soup & Fufu

This is the best peanutsoup you'll ever taste. It takes about an hour to make.
Don't eat your spoon!

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Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

-1,5 big pots of peanut butter.
-Chicken stock
-1 pound of salty pork meat
-1 onion
-1 hot pepper
-2 bayleafs
-6 piment corn
-2 tomatoes
-2 pounds of chicken filet
-1,5 liters of water
-1 can of coconut milk
-1 pack of fufu plantain

Note: The peanut butter in the image is from Surinam. It is fiery hot. You can just as well use you own kind. It's good both spicy and not spicy.

Step 2: De-salt, Stock, Brown & Chop

Desalt your salty meat by cooking it for 5 minutes.

Make a chicken stock (use a cube if you're not into this) & add the bay leaves, the piment and the celeriac

Chop your onions & tomatoes very very very fine. 

Step 3: Brown the Filets

Cut your chicken filets into little pieces, put salt and pepper, and brown them in a hot frying pan.

Take the bayleaves out of the chicken stock.

Step 4: Water Down the Peanut Butter

Put the peanut butter in a big pan and add the chicken stock until it gets watery.

Add the salty meat, the browned chicken filets, the tomatoes and the onion.

Add stock cubes or Aromat according to taste.

If you like spicy soup add the chilly.

Step 5:

Cut your celeriac into fine pieces.

Cook your coconut milk until it starts foaming and reduce it a little.

Make the fufu (the pack tells you how)

Step 6: Fufu Fighting

Bring a cup of water to the boil in a sauce pan.

Divide the water in 2 equal parts.

Add 110 grams of Fufu flour to the pan and stir it with a wooden spoon until the water is absorbed by the fufu.

Gradualy add the rest of the water.

Place over a medium heat and kneat thoroughly (I mean really thoroughly!) for about 4 minutes until a smooth but thick consistency is achieved.

Allow fufu to cool.

Step 7: Plating Up.

Put a little ball of fufu in the soup plate and poor the soup around.

Sprinkle with celeriac.

To finish drizzle a little coconut cream on top.


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    3 Discussions

    maximum pain
    maximum pain

    6 years ago on Introduction

    And you also don't need to have pork you can use any kind of meat and you also need to wait for peanut butter bring the oil up or if you don't you will be running to the bathroom a lot


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I've only had a vegan version of peanut soup. Boy was it spicy! I did not expect that.