Peanut Candies (Irresistible!)




Introduction: Peanut Candies (Irresistible!)

You only need three ingredients and some minutes to prepare this delicious candies for your children. These candies are known as Garrapiñadas



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    MMMMMMMMMMMM... rico, rico, no tenía la receta de la garrapinhada, gracias!!!. Tu gato se parece a mi Chimoltrufia...

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    Translated:, rich, it did not have the recipe of the garrapinhada, thank you!!!. Your cat looks alike to my Chimoltrufia...

    i bet if u add cinnamon to it it will taste like the ones u get at fairs

     Is there anyway to make these spicy as well as sweet? I was thinking of putting some chili powder in with the peanuts to see if that works with it. 

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    How long do these keep? I want to make them now and keep em stored til xmas. Will they still taste great and fresh after a week or so?

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    I've just made some with some cashew nuts... absolutly delicious! Thank you for the 'ible!

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