Peanuts Can Rubber Band Car

Introduction: Peanuts Can Rubber Band Car

The best way to recycle a peanuts can!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Peanuts can
Bead (which isn't shown)
Rubber band
Paper clip

Step 2: Clean the Can

First step: Clean the can throughly. Using water to clean out the inside and drying the can off with paper towels.

Step 3: Hole One

Second step: Poke a hole in the middle of the bottom of the can with scissors. The hole should be large enough for a rubber band to pass through easily.

Step 4: Rubber Band

Third step: Push one end of the rubber band through the hole in the bottom of the can.

Step 5: Paperclip + Rubber Band

Fourth step: Hook the rubber band around a paper clip on the outside of the bottom, then tightly pull the rubber band from inside the can. Then tape it against the can.

Step 6: The Other Hole

Fifth step: Poke a hole similar to the one on the bottom, to the top of the lid.

Step 7: Adding Washer

Sixth step: Reach for the rubber band that is inside the can. Add washer onto the rubber band from inside the can. Slide washer to the bottom of the can.

Step 8: Tape Washer

Seventh step: From inside the can, tape the washer to the bottom of the can.

Step 9: Feed Band Through Other Hole

Eighth step: Feed the rubber band through the hole in the lid, so it extends outside the opposite side of the taped down paper clip. 

Step 10: The Other Washer and Bead

Ninth step: Take the rubber band and feed it through the other washer then the bead.

Step 11: Adding a Pen/pencil

tenth step: Extend the rubber band through the bead and slide a pencil/pen through the rubber band so the pencil/pen is pressing the bead against the can. The pencil will not allow the rubber band to fall back into the can.

Step 12: Wind It Up!

Eleventh step: Wind up the pencil/pen as much as you want. Note: If the pencil/pen is wounded up too much the rubber band will rip and break.

Step 13: Let It Roll!

Twelfth step: Place the can on the ground and watch it roll!

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