Pearl Earrings in Minutes - Girl With a Pearl Earring

Supply and tools you require to make pearl earrings :

- round nose plier

- Wire Cutter

- 2 x drilled pearls ( I used 8mm pearls)

- 2 x ear wires

- 2 x headpins ( I used 0.5mm or 25 gauge , 1" or 25mm long )

thats all .....

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Step 1: String the Pearl on the Headpin

Step 2: Bend the Pin Into a Loop

Step 3: Twist It Around Itself Twice

Step 4: Cut the Wire Short

Step 5: Hang It on a Eariwre

Step 6: Your Earring Is Ready !

Step 7: Here Is the Girl With Pearl Earring VIDEO Tutorial

To learn wire crochet check :



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