Peek-a-Boo Bunny Wreath



Introduction: Peek-a-Boo Bunny Wreath

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Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring by debuting this cute Peek-a-Boo Bunny Wreath on your front door!

You'll need:

  • Needle and thread
  • 1/2 yard of fabric of your choice
  • Toy stuffing
  • Pink and black embroidery thread
  • Mini plant pot
  • Artificial flowers
  • Wicker/polystyrene wreath
  • Glue gun
  • Ribbon

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Step 1: Make the Bunny

Cut out the head (x2) and ears (x4) in a fabric of your choice and place right sides together. Pin in place. Sew along the outside edge leaving a 2-3cm opening along the bottom of the head and ears. Turn the fabric right sides out and stuff the head with toy stuffing. Pinch the bottom of the ears and hand stitch to hold the shape in place.

Step 2: Eyes, Ears and Nose

Thread your needle and knot the end of the pink embroidery thread and hand stitch a triangular shape where the point in the head is. For the mouth, use black thread and pull the needle through as close to the bottom point of the nose as possible and stitch straight down.

For the eyes, pull the needle through where you want the eyes, knot the black thread close the fabric and pull the needle back through. Repeat for the other eye.

Pull some of the greenery off of the artificial flower stems and glue to the inside of the mini plant pot, then glue the bunny in the middle of the pot between the leaves.

Step 3: Add the Flowers

Glue the flowers to the bottom half of the wreath leaving a small gap in the centre for the bunny pot, then glue the pot in place. Tie the ribbon in a bow and glue to the centre of the wreath.

et voila!

For FULL tutorial and bunny template visit my blog

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