Peel Garlic the Easy Way

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This simple kitchen tip will save you tons of time while peeling garlic. I use this all the time and peel a bunch of garlic and store it in bag in the fridge for weeks.

All you need is a pot with a lid or container and some garlic.

Step 1: Removing the Skin

The Procedure:

  1. Break up the bulb of the garlic into individual cloves, don't worry about getting them all separated.
  2. Put the lid on the pot or container.
  3. Shake the pot vigorously!!
  4. Should only take around 30 seconds to a minutes of shaking, depending on how hard you shake.
  5. Store your newly peeled garlic.

Step 2: Video

Here is a short video of the whole process. Follow me on Instructables for more tips or subscribe to me on YouTube.



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