Peeling Large Scale Potatoes Within 5minutes Really

Introduction: Peeling Large Scale Potatoes Within 5minutes Really

Peeling potatoes is tedious but enjoying them is simultaneously delicious
This tutorial helps u to peel 25potatoes in 3-5 minutes

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Step 1: Material Needed

U will need a drill machine
A hard bristled cylindrical brush with a thin shaft which shall fill in the drill chuck

Step 2: Getting Prepared

In case the brush has a bend then u will have to cut the bent portion to make it fit in the drill machine

Step 3: Assembly

Fit the drill machine with the edited cylindrical brush and turn on the drill in order to check that whether the brush rotates symmetrically or no
U r all set for peeling the 25potatoes

Step 4: Preparing the Potatoes

Take the potatoes and put them in a bucket of water they should be dense enough that they rumble over each other
And also have a drain near by for easy cleaning of spilt water

Step 5: Starting the Process

Insert the drill brush at the angle as shown in the pic
Before starting ensure that the drill body is away since water will spill out of the bucket
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