Peg Solitaire

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Let's get to work on these timeless classics: All Change, Bastile, Solitare, & Peg Leapfrog,

You'll never be bored for years!







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Step 1: Mark Wood W/ Pencil

This board is for bastile.

Step 2: Drill!

Step 3: Cut Toothpicks in Half for Pegs

Step 4: Mark Some Black W/ a Sharpie

Step 5: Bastile

This is the board for bastile.

Step 6: Peg Leapfrog

This one is for peg leapfrog.

Step 7: All Change

This one is for all change.

Step 8: Solitare

And this one for the all classic solitaire.

Step 9: For More...

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