Pegasus Unicorn Ring



Introduction: Pegasus Unicorn Ring

I found this picture of a lasercut unicorn ring here: by googling just that, and decided to make it myself, but turn it into a Unicorn Pegasus by adding some wings. I started by making a drawing of the unicorn pictured here in Illustrator. I made sure that the hole of the ring was 17.5 mm so it would fit my finger. Then I drew a pair of wings. Out of the shoulders of the unicorn and the center of the wings, I took a part of exactly 3 mm, the thickness of the acrylic plate I bought at school. When it’s cut, the wings will fit on the back like that. You can download the Illustrator file below, it will cut 9 rings.

After turning on the laser machine, make sure all the lines of the document are RGB red (255-0-0) and the thickness of the lines is 0.0254, because you want to cut them all.
Then start lasering. I used the Universal laser. In manual control you can see that for black, the power is 20%, speed is 100%, PPI 500 and z-axis 3mm, for blue power 10.9%, speed 15 %, PPI 500 and z-axis 3mm, and for red the power is 100%, speed is 10%, PPI is 1000 and z-axis is 3 mm, in case you are using another machine than I was. Now you can see the unicorns being cut.

It all came out great, the ring fit exactly, and half of the wings fit perfectly in the shoulders of the unicorns and needed no glueing. The other half needed a bit of glue to stay in place. If I were to make these again I would make the wings arch backwards a little more, for a more realistic look, but over all, I’m happy with how these turned out. Feel free to change things if you're going to make these yourself, and don't forget to measure and change the ring size if you need to.

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