Pegboard for Jewelry

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I needed a proper place for my jewelry so I could always know where they are in case I need them. There are so many options to display your shiny treasure.
Pegboards are originally known for using in the garage for the tools but there is no reason to keep this practical item only for them. Plywood pegboards are used in the kitchen, entryway and even in the bedroom. I decided to make my own little version of this popular piece of furniture and built myself a little jewelry display.

A4 x 5mm plywood sheet
Piece of plywood or wood for the support (5 x 1,5 x 1,5 cm)
Wood glue

Drill (1,5)
Clamps or tape

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Step 1: Mark the Holes

Mark the dots for drilling. In my case I left from the bottom and top 5 cm and from the left and right 3 cm, then drilled a hole after every 1,5 cm. You may choose your own preference of ordering your jewelry.

Step 2:

I measured the angle between the pegboard and the support point and decided that 75 degrees would be the best.

Step 3: Saw the Supporter

Saw the supporter so that one side is under 90 degrees and another is 75 degrees.

Step 4: Drilling

Drill the holes for your treasures. Just in case I checked if the hole is big enough with one of my earrings.

Step 5: Sanding

Sand all the surfaces and don`t forget the corners! Just keep in mind to sand the same direction with the wood pattern.

Step 6: Gluing

Glue the support behind the pegboard and be sure it will be in the center of it. Use a tape to put it all under the pressure if you don`t happen to have the clamps.

Tip! Before adding the glue, you may want to cut the crosses on the surface what is going to be under glue. It will make the gluing process so much quicker.

Step 7: Finishing

Use oil or polisher to finish the pegboard.

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