Peking Biscuit Box Light




Introduction: Peking Biscuit Box Light

I got a present from a friend. It was a biscuit box. They were very tasty and the box very quickly
empty. The package was so nice that it was too bad to throw it away. So I thought what could be made of it. The result: a light!

Materials: old biscuit box 1m LED light set

scissors or craft knife

Approximate cost to build: 6-10€ (to buy the LED set on ebay or amazon)

Skill level: For beginners (everyone can cut paper)

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Step 1: Preparation

Prepare your workspace.
Think about the placement of the LED and prepare the cut out.

Step 2: Cut Out

Cut out the cover and glue the biscuit protection paper into the cut out.

Step 3: LED

Put the LED Stripe into the box.

Step 4: Finish

Put the cover onto the box and test it.

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