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    This is challenge to design. Could you please add a photo from a side? All your video and photos are taken mostly from the front which is less illustrative.

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    Hello! Thank you for appreciating my creation. You can find side profile pictures of the burner assembly and a rough sketch of the overall design. Enjoy! Be warm, be safe!

    Hello, photos of the left and right hand side have been taken with a measuring tape to give sense of scale. I hope this helps.

    Impressive build. Thank you for sharing.

    I think you had better put a cover plate on that duplex outlet lest someone from the Canadian Fire Department sees this page and turns you in for maintaining an electrical fire hazard. ;)

    What is that can thing (w/?-mark)?

    Please show the 'chimney' - where does it go? (exit the room?)

    I did not find a video on this page. I, too, would like to see drawings and views of front, sides, back.

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    Hello, Thanks for the interest. Cover plate is replaced, I removed it to paint / repair the drywall and promptly forgot. The area marked with a question mark is the pellet hopper. Chimney exits wall to exterior of structure. You can buy the 3" wood pellet exhaust kit at any big box store. I got the kit for $400 CDN, taxes in. I am having difficulty with the youtube link but if you search for "Franken-Stove" you will find my channel. Subscribe to get updates and schematics as time permits. Be Safe, Be warm!

    Hi, Thanks for the interest. I'm having some issues with copy / paste from YouTube. The video title is:

    Pellet Fed Rocket Stove / Rocket Mass Heater- “Franken-Stove”.

    a search in youtube will find it. It is 3:26 minutes long and best describes how it works.

    The Thing with the ? is the Pellet hopper. Better seen in the video.

    Receptacle cover plate has been installed. Outlet of stove exits the structure and is a purchased "Big Box" pellet stove installation kit.

    Just a small note for those not familiar with how this stove works; it does not generate the blazing heat from the sides of the stove as the refractory cement captures the heat and slowly delivers it to the room. You can actually touch the pink walls and not burn your hand.

    Thank you for your feedback and concern.

    Excellent job, Ive been trying to talk my wife into a similar contraption, this is very helpful! Can i make a small suggestion that should boost the heat gain considerably? At the moment it is drawing in cold air from the house, which means the house is drawing cold air in from outside. This is a similar problem that open fires have. If you could rig up the air intakes from outside, you should be laughing.

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    Thank you for the excellent suggestion. I'm certain I will implement it on the next generation of "Franken-Stove" where all the modifications listed at the end of my Instructable will be incorporated with a little more "Design Flair". As a "proof of concept" model, this stove has satisfied many questions I originally had before building my first. Subscribe and dimensional drawings will be added shortly. My wife is over the moon that our living room and kitchen are nice and warm ; a recent notification from our utility congratulating us on a 30% reduction in usage (we have electric heated floors and baseboards) has also rewarded my combustion engineering credibility! I may add that the heat generated from this stove is nothing like a wood stove; it is more like a "warm hug" as you can stand right beside it and not "feel the burn" like you do with normal air tight stoves. My theory is that focusing the heat of a small amount of fuel (4 sq. inches) into a big chunk of refractory cement is more like how a torch works on a piece of steel; the focal point where the flame hits is insanely hot, but heat intensity decreases from the point of flame impingement ie, it takes time for the heat to radiate via conduction . The change in direction of the flame; first 90 degrees to travel up the riser and then 180 degrees off the heat bell also rob a lot of the kinetic energy of the flame. Enough of my "combusto-babble", I end with, a warm happy wife makes for a comfortable happy life!

    Very nice! Thanks for posting this. It would be really cool to run the exhaust through another heat exchanger to suck even more heat out of it!

    I definitely want to build one.

    I like it!

    I have been wanting to make something similar, only using pine cones as the pellet fuel. I have collected garbage cans full when I do walks in a nearby park. Not sure which tree species they are but they open up for lots of air flow seem to be low in pitch. Gravity flow is my biggest challenge.

    You might consider adding a few more pictures in your instructable that shows side profile view(s), as I was only able to understand your construction after viewing your you-tube video.

    Very nice. Thank you. It looks like this design would be perfect for my small work space.

    Do you have any sketches that you could upload?

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    Thank you! Please subscribe as I will be adding drawings and dimensions in the near future.

    Most interesting. I may be looking for something like that to heat my large work shop. Could you provide more data. Like sketches and such?

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    Hello, I am currently working on a dimensional drawing. Please subscribe as I will post on the last page of the Instructable along with some tips for improvement for the next Generation of Franken-Stoves