Pellet Gun Rack Made From Pallets. for All the Buds.

Introduction: Pellet Gun Rack Made From Pallets. for All the Buds.

About: Still in high school, just doing this stuff for fun. Working on getting a utube channel, if so I'll post it.

I decided to make a rack for my pellet guns since they are always just sitting on the ground, and also a little nice shelve to!

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Step 1:

Pull apart a few pallets that look usable

Step 2:

Cut them to rough length, then lay them out to see if you will like the way it comes out, and to make sure your pellet guns or whatever your using will fit on the rack. Do tweaks if needed

Step 3:

1. Top rack (length 21 3/4in) (depth 5in)
2. Side boards (hight 21 1/4in) (width 3 1/4in)
3. bottom rack (length 17 3/4in) (depth 3 1/4in)
4.wall boards (length 19 7/8in) (hight 3 1/4in)
This is made for my guns so it will probably need to be different for yours.

Step 4:

To cut out the slots for the guns, I randomly traced out what I thought would be best and used the first one I cut for all the other slots.

Step 5:

After you have everything sanded, put it all together. Personally I used 2in screws with pilot wholes because they seemed easiest and strongest but you can use glue or something else.

Step 6:

Finish to your desire but I used Early American Minwax.

Step 7:

For protection I just used 3 coats of polyurethane. To hang it on the wall I found two studs, drilled a little hole in both the rack and wall simultaneously, holding the rack against the wall, and used 3 inch screws, after that hang whatever you want on it and enjoy your work of art.

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    That looks great. Excellent way to display your gear.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you I appreciate it buddy