Peltier Effect (Extreme Cooling)




Introduction: Peltier Effect (Extreme Cooling)

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According to my Title You May guess what i am going to talk about, but most intresting thing is that we can make AC/Freeze without any moving/Mechanical part (Compresser) , in this project we replace compresser with Peltier Module. Lts Make A Extreme Cooling Effect With Peltier.

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Step 1: Peltier Module

This White Ceramic Module AKA Peltier module is the heart of this project. Because it create Heating and Cooling, RED wire is going to connect in +ve Supply, And BLACK is going to connect in -ve Supply then Text Side Of Peltier Create Cooling Effect and Blank side Gets Super HOT, If we Reverse The Connection Then Text Side Produce Heating And Blank Side Creates Cooling Effect,

Dont get fooled by its simplicity because Peltier based refridgeration system is not energy efficient as Compressor based Systems. It Generates LOts Lots of heat , to get proper cooling on Other Side You Need to dissipate heat from HOT side by the use of Big Heatsink and Cooling Fan.

Step 2: Heatsink

Heatsink are used in this project to Dissipate heat From hot Side, It is made up Of Alluminium/Copper because These Metals Can Conduct heat Faster. Use Bigger Heatsinks IN this Project.

Step 3: Cooling Fan

HeatSink Get Super Heated After 2 or 3 Minute of operation Cooling Fans Help Heat Sinks to Dissipate Its heat to surrounding area.(Forced Cooling Needed Use Liquid Cooling If Available).

Step 4: SMPS / Power Supply

SMPS(Switch Mode Power Supply) Or any Kind of Power supply needed to power Peltier and Cooling Fan.Use 12volt 5Amp Power supply to Power Single Peltier Power Cunsuption Of peltier Module is 4 amps @ 12volt.

Step 5: Thermal Grease/Thermal Paste

Use Thermal Grease/Thermal Paste Between HotSide And Heatsink For Good Heat Transfer.

Step 6: Attachment of Heatsink to Peltier Module

Place Massive/Big Heatsink On Hot Side And Use Thermal grease between them. Place Small Heatsink On Cold Side Also Place Thermal Paste Inside It, Glue On Corners to place Peltier Module With Heatsink.

Step 7: All Done

Power Peltier Module And Cooling Fan, Place Cooling Fan On Hot Side / Bigger Heatsink To Dissipate Excess Heat, Now After Few Minute You May Notice Water/ICE On Smaller Cold Side Heatsink, If Not Noticed any ICE after Powering Up For Few Minute Then Check Temprature OF hot Side If Very Hot You Need Bigger Heatsink Or Lower the Temprature Of HOT side By using Liquid Cooling.

Step 8: Prepare Caseing for Your Refridgerator

If You are working On Refrigerator then Make Its Air Tight Casing Using Polystyrene for better insulation against heat.

Stay Tuned For Diy Refrigerator

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    1 year ago

    cpu cooler


    Reply 1 year ago

    yes you can use


    1 year ago

    I have a few of these Peltier squares and played around with them. But like you stated they certainly are NOT energy efficient even a little. Seems the hot side always out does the cool side and the amount of power required to do that is just way too much. But they are fun to play with.


    Reply 1 year ago

    As i mention in my post this is not energy efficient as compressor based refridgeration system. It cunsume about 60watt of power @ 12 volt.
    Produces lots of heat.