Pen Bow

This is a very fun project for kids i know because im 13 girl haha but caution this is not for little kids because it is still full of ink and is sharp if they shoot you

Step 1: Materials

Materials: office pen Knife or Xacto knife Rubber band Tape

Step 2: Step One

Ok now take the pen and take it apart( dont break it though)

Step 3:

Take your knife and make a hole that goes through the pen.

Step 4:

Now line it the holes up with the ends of the pen after u do that make a indent so we can place the rubber band there later

Step 5:

Now, take the rubber band and cut it so its just one line

Step 6:

Take the rubber band and put both ends on the indent marks make sure they wont get loose and make sure to make it stretchy so its not loose.

Step 7:

Now tape it up

Step 8:

Now take the pen ink part and put it through the holes and there you go pull the rubber band back and shoot



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