Pen Crossbow

Introduction: Pen Crossbow

So I'm going to teach you how to make a crossbow first we need to make a bow.If you already know how to make a paper clip bow and arrow skip to step 8

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
2 paper clips
Rubber band
Electrical tape
Clothes pen

Step 2: Making the Bow

Unwind the paper clip

Step 3: Making Rubber Band Twists

Bend each side into an incomplete circle

Step 4: Add the Rubber Band

Put the rubber band in one of the incomplete circles and twist the rubber band and put it in the other then bend the incomplete circle and into a full one

Step 5: Tape the Bow

Tape the bow to make a grip

Step 6: Making the Arrow

Unbend another paper clip

Step 7: Tape the End of the Paper Clip

Tape the end of the paper clip

Step 8: Tape the Pen

Tap all of the pen

Step 9: Add the Clothes Pin

Tape the clothes pen on

Step 10: Add the Bow

Tape the bow on

Step 11: Hope You Like This

Hope you love this bow

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