Pen Drive Data Sharing Device

Using this device we can access the data from a pendrive from many computers

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Step 1: Things Needed.......

1) 2 or more USB male port

2) USB female port

3) breadboard/PCB

4) led(optional)

5) soldering iron(optional)

6) soldering wire(optional)

7) wire stripper

8) pendrive

Step 2: Connecting.........

When you open the wire of an USB cable there are 4 wires(red, black, green, white)

If there are five then ignore the fifth wire.

The color code of the wires is shown in the picture.

Step 3: Building...........

I have used a breadboard for this device. You can also use an PCB.

the main thing is that the wires of same color should be connected together.

The led is used to only make sure that the pendrive has got power.

Caution: Do not connect any of the wires in series.

The male USB port will go in the computer.

The female USB port will have the pendrive.

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    6 Discussions

    Unca Wook

    3 years ago

    Have you left a step or two out? I cannot see how this is connecting multiple computers to an access point for the drive.

    1 reply
    pshiveshwarUnca Wook

    Reply 3 years ago

    The 2 male USB ports go in the computers while the female USB port gets the pen drives.....hence you can access the data from 2 different sources....


    3 years ago

    wiring usb ports in parallel like that, without a hub or switch, is incredibly dangerous, to both your computer AND your data.

    If PC one is accessing the data while PC 2 is writing to it... not good. Also, before removing the thumbdrive, EVERY computer connected would need to "safely eject" the device.

    It will be MUCH easier, and safer, to "share" the drive over your network. Or, upgrade to a router with an integrated usb data/printer port. I have a 4TB "recorded TV" drive hooked up to my router. That lets the HTPC record TO the drive, and tablets/laptops read FROM the drive, without having to muck about hosting a local share on the HTPC.

    Now, on the up side, this 'ible is a great way to wire up multiple 5 volt LED setups, using a cheap usb power supply :-)

    1 reply