Pen Drive Holder / Stand




Pen drive Holder / stand is a very simple hack, nothing is needed to understand. In today's world technology is moving very fast . In our day-to-day life ,our newly purchased gadgets or cellphones becomes outdated in a few days or even mins or second time. So, we purchases a new one and the old one is sold or lies in our home and get damaged after some period of time and we throw away it in garbage. Instead of throwing it we should reuse it by making new things from it or find ways to reuse it.

In this hack i have used damaged/ defective mobile charger as a pendrive holder/ stand.

Step 1: Benefits

It helps in keeping our pendrives from being misplaced.

A decorative piece of item

Reuse of thing

No damage to pendrive

Step 2: Materials Required

Damaged / defective cellphone charger


Step 3: How to Use

Take a damaged / defective cellphone charger .

Put the pen drive in the port where usb cable is used to connect with the charger.

The hack is done.



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