Pen Gun

Step 1: Materials

Materials: Papermate kilometrico pen Ruberband Sticky tape Scissors

Step 2:

Take out the pen end (I found it easiest to pull it off with your mouth) then take out the ink end With pen bit and throw out pen cover now the pen bit with ink is your ammo. Now cut the other end of the pen off and trow it out.

Step 3:

Now cut the rubber band so it is one strait line then place it on the cut end of the pen and stick tape it there securely.

Step 4: Finished

Now You have a pen gun

Step 5:

To fire place pen bit with ink tube in pen tube and pull rubber band with pen back and let go.(:



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    5 years ago

    How irresponsible is this! You may think this is funny but you can still do serious damage with this