Pen Holder With Crepe Paper

Introduction: Pen Holder With Crepe Paper

How to make a beautiful "Pen Holder with Paper ".Pen holder is attractive because of different colors of crepe paper.

Step 1: Cut Circle Shape Cardboard Pieces. Stick Together.

Step 2: Apply Glue and Attach the Stick.

Step 3: Rotate the Crepe Paper and Make Like a Rope.

Step 4: Stick the Crepe Paper Around the Pop Stick.

Step 5: Attach Circle Shape Wire on the Top Using Hot Glue Gun.

Step 6: Make Rabbit Head Using Cotton.

Step 7: Make Hand With Cotton and Paper.

Step 8: Stick the Ears, Mouth and Hand.

Step 9: Finally Attach the Rabbit to the Pen Holder

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    1 year ago

    Nicely done, thanks for sharing! : )


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you...