Pen and Pencil Holder Made From Old Pen

Introduction: Pen and Pencil Holder Made From Old Pen

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you'll need old pens, colored paper, cellotape, a piece of cardboard

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Step 1:

  • Collect old pens, preferably the same ones and remove their refills.
  • Take a colored paper, I am using blue here, of length 12 cm and breadth 3 cm.
  • Roll the paper and put it in place of the refills.
  • Take a few more empty pens with their refills removed
  • Lay a pen filled with rolled paper and without paper alternately and stick them with a cellotape
  • make four more of it as in the picture
  • stick it all up with cellotape to make a square or rectangular formation
  • take a cardboard paper and cover it up with the blue paper and insert it at the bottom of the square formation
  • taadaahh!! u have your pen holder.. quite easy huh? :)

Step 2:

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