Pen Launcher Prank

Introduction: Pen Launcher Prank

 One day I found a pen on the floor. It was out of ink, so I took it apart. When I reassembled it, I accidentally put the ink tube in wrong. Then, the idea was born. The pen launcher prank toy. 

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Step 1: Components Needed

 All you need is a Staples comfort Stick pen. Other pens may work, as long as they aren't pens that you click. 

Step 2: Unassemble the Pen

 First, grab the pen by the rubber grip and pull both parts apart. Then, holding the pen by the same part, put the end of the ink tube on a table or something hard and force it out of the other side. Now, you should have three parts.

Step 3: Re-assemble

 Now, flip the ink tube around and put it back in. Then, reassemble the pen over it. 

Step 4: Using the Prank

 Hold the pen by the grip and aim your wrist up. The, flick your wrist forwards and the end of the ink tube will protrude, giving it the affect of "launching out". After you master this skill, try launching it forwards and watch your victim flinch!  

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