Pen Pistol With Trigger




ok in a few months i'll be going on a class trip so i wanted to come up with a pen gun that is small, innovated, and good at short ranges because i'll be sitting in a bus fopr almost an hour and i want to shoot people in their backs without them knowing who it was.If you're going on a class trip and you wanna cause mischief then this is the gun for the job.

Step 1: Materials

to make this you will need a peg with a nail in it, 3 pens, 5 rubberbands(4 thick and 1 thin), a yellow knex piece, tape, and scissors

Step 2: Drill the Hole

use a drill or something really sharp to drill a hole in the pen. don't drill it to big or to small.

Step 3: Drilling the Hole(cont.)

Now you take the other pen and drill a hole through it.

Step 4: The Barrel/body

now tape both pens exactly as shownmake sure the holes meet each other.

Step 5: The Trigger

now put the peg on with the nail inside the wrap it with the thin rubber band 4 times.

Step 6: The Rubber Bands

Now cut 3 of the 4 thick rubber bands in half and tape them onto the barrel exactly as shown.

Step 7: The Trigger: Part 2

Now take the last rubber band and wrap it around the trigger and tape it to the barrel.

Step 8: The Grip

Now take the third pen and tape it to the end of the body of the gun.

Step 9: Firing

Now for the fun part.put the knex piece at the end of the barrel, cock the rubber bands on the knex piece as shown.Put the pen cartridge in and pull the trigger and shoot.enjoy.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    How does the trigger assembly work? Like the little nail piece thingie?