Introduction: PenBox

Here is a BOX made of PENS! Any kind of pens can be used. And can be used to store PENS or other stationery items.

Things needed to make PenBox:

  1. Old pens.
  2. Instant glue.
  3. A piece of paper(to prevent glue from sticking to other surface).

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Step 1: Join the Pens With Instant Glue.

Keep the pens to be joined on paper and keep their heads in alternating manner to keep the shape symmetric. Drop glue in the junction between pens and wait till it's dried.

Step 2: Join Parts From Previous Step to Make Sides of the Box.

Step 3: Join the Sides of the Box to the Bottom Layer With Glue.

Cap is attached in joint, to get more strength.

Step 4: Glue All the Sides to the Bottom Layer, and Add Support by Gluing Cap in the Junction.

Step 5: PenBox Is Ready. Test Its Strength!

Its pretty strong ;)

Step 6: Its Time to Keep Some Stationery Items Inside the PenBox ;)

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    4 years ago

    Always thought there should be some great thing to do with old pens! Ta da! Nice project