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I just started making bento boxes and I love it already!  This is the second one that I've made and when I was trying to find inspiration I thought might as well make something that has to  do with back to school. This was really easy and super cute! Enjoy!

To make the Pencil Bento Box I used:
2 Pieces of Bread
Monterrey Jack Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Red Beets
Additional  Fruits and vegetables for the Bento Box

To make the Pencil sandwich, cut two pieces of bread into a rectangle and then take the extra pieces of bread and cut them into triangles. Next, fill the inside of the sandwich with mayonnaise and cheese and then connect the triangle and the rectangle so it looks like a a pencil. Cover the top of the pencil shape with mayonnaise so that the rectangle and triangle look like their connected.
Slice a piece of cheddar cheese to fit over the rectangle section and slice a piece of monterrey jack to  fit over the triangle part. Next, put a little dot of mayonnaise on the edge of the triangle section. Then, cut a little triangle out of seaweed to be the graphite of the pencil and stick it on the dot of mayonnaise. To make the eraser, take a little bit of rice and mix it with smashed beets. To smash the beets, I put little chunks of beets into a garlic presser and mixed the little pieces that came out with the rice and the rice turned out bright pink!  Now, just put some of the rice on the pencil and your done!

To finish the Bento box just added some fruits, vegetables or snacks. I finished mine by adding rice, kiwi, and a hard boiled egg. I hope everyone enjoyed my Pencil Bento Box Instructable!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    this looks almost too cute to eat.i love it.thank you for sharing.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! For the first bento box I made I just used black food coloring for the black parts but figured that seaweed would look better.