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I made a pencil drawing on my boyfriend and me. I used a picture that was taken of us as a reference and made a grid on the picture and the paper I drew on . On the picture I graphed half inch by half inch squares and on the paper I graphed one inch by one inch squares. After I made both grids I looked at what was inside each box on the picture and drew what was inside it on the piece of paper. It's kind of like activities you see inside coloring books. I drew the outlines of both of us by doing this. After I had the outlines it was time for me to shade. I started by shading myself, because my skin is darker than his. I looked at the picture to see what parts of my skin, dress and hair were darker than others and shaded what I saw. After I finished with myself, I did the same thing with him, taking into consideration his skin tone is lighter than mine. After I finished with us, I had to do the background. The background in the picture was really blurry, it was really only possible to see the different values of light. So I shaded the different values of light not worrying about if the background looked like trees or a rail road track. After I finished shading, I got my blending stick and blended together all of the shading so it looked more even. This is how I drew a picture of me and my boyfriend!



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    4 years ago

    This is a pencil drawing? It doesn't even look like a pencil.

    Nice picture!


    4 years ago

    That is really awesome!! I love the grid method.