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When I joined a new office back in 2013. I was in need of a pencil jar, so I told to myself " Let's make one". Using grasshopper I was able to make a definition that helped me design + optimized + produce info for assembling. Here is the whole process in more detail (link).

I have created few samples for you guy to try out. It's super fun.

Step 1: Which One Do You Want?

Choose anyone you would like to make. Download the pdf file or the dxf file ( if you want to laser cut it).

Sample 1


Sample 2

Sample 3

Step 2: Things U'll Need

So I made few samples. All you got to do is choose a sample of your liking.

You'll need the following.

1 A4 size printer and papers.

2 Cardboard or any hard paper ( >= 150 gram or < 2 mm )

3 Glue to paste.

4 Scissor and radial a cutter.

Step 3: Do It Like This

Simply download the PDF.

1) Print all those six A-4 size pages on a standard paper.

2) Paste those pages on a card board or any hard paper of you liking.

3) Cut the profile. This is the longest and the most trying part. But don't worry, it'll soon end.

4) Assemble the pieces according to their labels.

And that's it!!

Step 4: Congrades

Now you have your very own pencil jar.

plz don't forget to take plenty of picx and share it. I can't wait to see it.



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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago

    good one ..:) iam definitely going to make it


    4 years ago


    thx Ms sweetsatisfaction for ur welcome! Thx to parametric design i can product X amount of variation n each piece would be different then the other. have a look at this


    4 years ago

    Great idea that could be made to hold so many first thoughts are makeup brushes, makeup in pencil form & other tools related to similar type stuff. What did you use as a cutting tool to get really clean edges & a uniform shape? I'm guessing *not* scissors. I think I'm going to pick up a swivel cutter for projects like this .

    1 reply

    ya Satoko. it's basically a jar. u can put anything what suits u. I used a surgical scissor. A swivel cutter is a good choose. Happy cutting Satoko68. n thx for trying it out. Do share the pic. Am looking forward for it.