Pencil Pea Shooter

Introduction: Pencil Pea Shooter

The other day I wanted a mini gun so my friends and I made pea shooters out of lead pencils. At first we just didn't know what to do, the we figured it out.

Step 1: Materials

You will need a lead like so and some sissors

Step 2: Step 1

First take the lead out of the pencil

Step 3:

Take of the tip of the pencil

Step 4:

Once the tip is off the take off the black piece

Step 5:

Once the black part is gone then find the spring and take out the lead holder

Step 6:

Snap the lead holder in half and the part with the opening for the eraser

Step 7:

Cut the frame in half after bending it a little

Step 8:

Put the white part in the blue part

Step 9:

Cut the eraser in half

Step 10:

Enter the eraser in the blue part opening and shoot

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