Pencil Pouch Survival Kit-EASY

Introduction: Pencil Pouch Survival Kit-EASY

This is an easy survival kit made from things lying around your house. You will most likely not need to buy anything. It includes the basics and nescesities of survival.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Pencil Pouch

Lighter- not pictured

Matches- Waterproof and normal- not pictured


Electrical Tape

Trash Bag

Battery and metallic gum wrappers(to start a fire) - not pictured

Anti-fungal Cream

Sandwich Bag




Antacid Tablets



30 ft of rope

Dental Floss

3 fishing hooks

2 razors

A little bit of aluminum foil

garbage bag

Step 2: Almost Done

Wrap the hooks and razors with electrical tape. Place all of the first aid items in the baggie.

Step 3: Done!

Place all items in the pouch, big items first. You are done!

Step 4: Comment!

PLS! More instructables soon on survival.

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    5 years ago

    How do you plan on signaling, navigating, and purifying water? Other than that it is good