Pencil Top Stamp Flowers

Introduction: Pencil Top Stamp Flowers

  1. 7 pencils
  2. 2 Rubber Bands
  3. Markers/Pain or Stamp Pad [I didn't have any stamp pads on hand so I used my Dry Erase Markers and colored the tops of the pencil eraser]
  4. Paper/Card Stock/Envelope [I used plain white stationary for this example]

Step 1:

  1. Bind your 7 Pencils into a flower shaped pattern [mine took 7 for a good size]
  2. Rubber band at the top and bottom and make sure all the erasers are even
  3. Generously color the tops of the erasers with your marker/paint or dip into your stamp pad.

Step 2: Making the Flower Stamp

  1. With a fair amount of pressure, push down your pencils with the eraser side down on your choice of material. [Paper/card stock/envelope]

Step 3: Your Finished Stamped Flower!!

  1. Here I've done it twice, once in blue ink and once in pink. Sometimes you'll have to go back in a fill a little bit but I like the rustic look of the flowers and I usually do this on top of my Stationary or on the outside of Envelops just to add a more personal touch.

Enjoy!! Have fun!! <3

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