Pencil Top From Old Pens



Introduction: Pencil Top From Old Pens

I'm a mom of 4 and I love to craft! Anything and Everything interests me and i love to create in ...

There are plenty of pens around that get thrown once used...well here is something for you to do before throwing.. well only the pens with rubber grips :=)

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Step 1: How to Make

Get your pens with rubber grips.
Remove the rubber grips from the pen and the top part of the pen
make your flowers or use plastic flowers...or any thing you want to use as a topper :-)
insert the top part of the pen in to the rubber grip till it is flush with the rim.
Fill up with hot glue and stick your flowers in it and you are done!

Step 2: Enjoy Your Pen Topper!

The rubber grip is great cause it fits almost any pen and pencil.
Check out the Telephone directory organizer for another reuse :-)

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