Re_write the Organizer




Step 1: Watch These Instructions

Step 2: Get a Lot of Used Pencils

You will need a lot of pencil tips.
First cut them to the same size : approximatively 2,5 inches
Then, sharpen the tips just a little bit. Just to remove the corners. (this will help you fix them into the hole)

Step 3: Get a Cheap or Used Cutting Board

Step 4: Make Sure You Have Everything

Step 5: Print the Drilling Template

If you don't have an 11x17 (A2) printer, just print two 8.5x11 (A3)

Step 6: Stick the Sheet to the Cutting Board

Step 7: Drill Holes 0,25 Inch Deep

Step 8: Insert the Pencils in the Board

Step 9: DONE



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