Pencil to Wand! Harry Potter

Hi, and welcome! This is my Instructable on how you can create a wand from "Harry Potter".Below there are pictures of the complete product. You will need:

A pencil




Brown marker or paint

Step 1: Texture the Pencil

Get your pencil and marker and use the marker to smear brown all over it then use your finger to rub it in giving a brown texture.

Step 2: Glue the Wood

Take the pencil and put a layer of glue on so you can make the want effect later.

Step 3: Layer It Up With Newspaper

Add newspaper and fold it around the wand and glue it around Cover up the top.

Step 4: Color It In.

Use a combination of brown and black to create a cover to your newspaper, add tape on each end of the wand.

Step 5: Create a Desighn

On the tape put a fancy desighn. Make sure to make it fit with the wand!

Step 6: Add a Texture

Get bark from your backyard, or a pen and sketch the desighn on your wand.

Step 7: Add an Ending

It will twis and have a twiglike form with this final step. get more newspaper and crupe up enough and glue it together till your wand looks perfect (remember to color it in)



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