Pencil With LED Lighting



Introduction: Pencil With LED Lighting

I modify the mechanical pencil with LED.

The reason for making this instructable is try to minimize the hand shadow produced when using left-hand writing.

The design try to minimize the weight of the pencil and made writing more easier.

The previous design is used SMD LED (2 pieces) instead of the 5mm LED in order to made it smaller. However, the light is not as bright as the 5mm LED, and the effect is generally not good enough.

The design may probably suitable for the one who need to write in dim environment.

+++++ Materials and steps +++++++++++++

The circuit of this pencil is simple, a closed circuit with batteries, switch and LED.

The batteries used is CR2016 (2 pieces, total 6V) and they are stick together with sellotape and kept on the pencil top. The switch is simple flashlight switch, and the LED is 5mm white light.

The diameter of the electric wire I used to connect the LED is a little bit thicker, it is because the wire itself can be used for adjusting the lighting angle.

++++++ How to use it +++++++++++++++

When writing using left-hand, place the LED in hand in order to minimize the hand shadow.


You can consider the pencil itself is a flashlight.

++++++ Remarks ++++++++++++

The LED cap actually is the black plastic part of power connector which left from this instructable.

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