Pendulum Tether




Original Idea

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Step 1: Preparing/Materials

We prepared the materials for the pendulum by using the rubber band, different sizes of wood, metal balls, and a metal ring. Using these materials, we found away to get as close as we could to the original idea.

Step 2: Process

We put the materials together by drilling holes to match the radius of our dowels. At first, we used copper, although it was too short, instead we switched to a taller wooden dowel. We used the rubber band to create tension and form potential energy into kinetic energy.

Step 3: THE END

The finale of the project begins with attaching the rubber band to the hook at the bottom, twisting the rubber band enough for tension to form, and letting go allowing the string, ball, and stick system to repeatedly rotate.



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    2 years ago

    That's a fun project! I haven't seen that style of pendulum before. :)