Introduction: Penguin

This is my first one.
I bumped into this website as I wander around looking for ideas to make a penguin outfir for my boy. He will have to play a penguin at his class.
I found it soem where in teh and redirect here and found this site is so inspring!!!

Unfortunately, I did not aware I can post my stuff on as well. So I did not properly take the photo for each step. Anyway, just want to forward my tahnks to whoever wirting that piece of cheap penguin costume and allow me to follwo teh step.

So Here's the output

Step 1:

What you will need is
- a long sleeve black shirt to be the base: For my little one, I used mine so the length will cover until his knee. You can use your black dress or daddy's shirt if its longer. This piece won't be ruined, so pick anyone that available
- an old vest to be cut in oval shape. The lengthe of the oval shoudl be his height
- Yellow boot--I use my old yellow T shirt and Cut into Penguin feet shape then sew it to his old sock. I also stuff a foam sheet in the middle to make it thicker
- With same yellow T Shirt, you can do the beak. Just do a triangle shape and sew it to the front of a baseball cap.
- Draw an eye on the paper and stick on with glue. You can make teh dark eyes as gorgious as you wish.
- Then for the bow tie, I intentioanlly make it huge to cover his chest. Any color will do.

Step 2:

I'll try to get a close up on the set. So you will see how I put each piece together.

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