Penguin Love Mixed Media Canvas

Introduction: Penguin Love Mixed Media Canvas

Step 1:  Prepare 8x10 canvas with gesso. Let dry.

Step 1:

step 2:  I used pink and green gelatos from Faber- Castell and outlined from outside to the center. I used some water and matte medium on a paint brush to blend the gelatos in. and I took a magic stamp block and pressed it into a basket to get a cool design. randomly stamped the background. with the magic stamp and stazon ink. I allowed that to dry and covered the whol;e canvas with a layer of matte medium. let dry completely.

Step 2:

step 3: I cust the penguin image out of a couple of sheets of craft foam. used a couple of sheets to make sure it was thick. Glue those together and then glue to some card board.(I defiantly recommend hot glue, regular glue just made a mess.)  It’s not neat but hey it works! I  I stamped the image onto some old book paper and cust out leaving a little of a border.

Step 3:

Step 4: Then cut 2 hearts from cardstock. and collaged them with some old book paper and colored tose woth red gelatos. and covered with a layer of matte medium. let tjhose dry comply. then I wrote the words in. found on the big heart and mine on the little.

Step 4:

step 5:  I wasn't happy with the canvas back ground so I took some peacock blue paint and sponged it  randomly on the back ground just to give another layer. allow that to dry completely.

Step 5:

Step 6:  Then I glued the penguins in the center, the "found" heart to the left top and the "mine" heart to the right. Then I took some tulip puffy paint, glitter red, and spread onto the hearts. And some glitter to go over the letters. On the left heart I rolled up some crepe paper and glued a border around it.  On the right I used the red glitter glue and spread out from the heart to outline it.

Step 6:

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    I really loved this picture, Penguins have so much love to one another this is a winner in my eyes. I love to see more work from this person