Penguin Plush Toy




sewn by hand plush toy, based on a ball sewing pattern. I made this for a friend's son who is obsessed with penguins and we actually call him little penguin...

Step 1: What You Need

black, white and black fleece

matching threads and a niddle

Polyester Fibre Filling (or some other toy filling)


pencil and cardboard to make the pattern

Step 2: The Pattern

the pointy oval shape is for the body

the round half pointy oval is for the chest

the trapezoid is the wing

the unidentified shape in the bottom of the picture is the beak

Step 3: Cutting

cut 6 identical pieces of the point oval from the black fleece.

for the chest, fold the white fleece and lay the cutout for the chest on the crease so it will make a heart shape once cut. I should mention that when I cut it, i didn't put it on the edge of the crease so I sewed part of the bottom so it will make a heart shape.

for the eyes I didn't make a pattern, just cut small circles

for the wings cut two trapezoids of each color (black and white)

for the beak just cut the orange fleece according to the cutout shape. I did it quite random so it can be altered

Step 4: Sew the Body

couple two black ovals together and sew them together on one side. on the right side (where you can't see the stitch) attach the heart shaped white fleece so that the pointy edge of the heart is aligned with one of the side of the sewn ovals (one edge of your stitch) and sew it using a quilt stitch with white thread. locate the eyes in the same height at opposite sides of the heart and sew them using a quilt stitch with black thread. place the beak in the middle, and sew it using a machine stitch, only stitching a single line in the middle of it so it remains open.

sew the rest of the black pieces to each other, coupling the back sides together. when you reach the last two (forming a ball) leave a gap of about an inch not sewn. I did it by sewing a little on each side (shown in the picture)

you can flip to see it now, but remember to flip back for the wings step

Step 5: Wings

sew together the wings - attaching the black and white parts to each other, sewing only three side, leaving one part open, which will be attached to the body (in the picture it's the wide base of the trapezoid, the right). flip the wings so the right side is out (shown in pic). take the sewn body and cut a small slit on each side of the penguin. the size of the slit is about half an inch, and it is located in the same height as the eyes, parallel to the bottom (x axis). insert the wing so that the narrow part is inside, and the wide part is filling the slit and sew around.

Step 6: Flip, Fill and Stitch

flip the penguin and fill it until you are satisfied of the plumpness. with the black thread, use a hidden stitch to sew the gap we left in the beginning.

Step 7: Done!

finished penguin! throw on someone you love :)

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    2 years ago

    So cute! It looks like a Tsum Tsum! :)

    <3 , IrishAG


    2 years ago

    OOHHHHH!!! oohhh! This is too cute!