Penguin Stuffed Animal

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This is Penguino! To make him I drew some quick sketches of simple penguin designs. I figured out which parts I needed for the pattern and drew out a pattern that I thought would work. The one piece I didn't bother with was the bottom. For that I just cut out a triangle of cloth roughly the right size.

I made mine fairly "standard" when it comes to colors but feel free to be creative! There's no reason why it couldn't have stripes or polka dots or flowers or even be plaid! Also, he's fairly small (which you could change if you wanted) so you can make him out of scraps left over from other projects (just don't tell your Penguino that).

I sewed the bigger parts of the body together using a sewing machine. The smaller parts like the beak and the feet I hand stitched, and of course I hand stitched the hole closed after stuffing him. The rounded triangle in the picture of the pattern is the beak. Just cut out three and for the feet I actually cut out four parts so I double them up. They're not stuffed I just wanted to give them a little more strength than one layer.

I hope you have fun if you decide to make one yourself. The only thing I ask is that if you use my pattern and post it anywhere online that you link back here and give credit. Normally I wouldn't care, but I feel especially fond of this one because I actually created the pattern myself. Also, share a picture or a link to yours in the comments!




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