Penknife Leather Pouch.




In my last Birthday my family gave a me a nice Swiss Army Leather Knife, one of the best thing I could desire. You Know me ...when I get a new gadget its time to create and better up a little. So I decided to make a nice leather pouch, in despite that I'm not a fine Leather worker I did a little research on the Web, and this is the final result. Hope you like it.


Step 1: Material and Stuff .

Leather left overs from other projects.

Piece of wood.


Leather needle.

Dremel Stylus.

Leather thread.



Step 2: Wet Molding

To start, Putted the leather in some water for about one hour.Then I draw the shape of the Penknife in some wood and carve it the same size and shape. This is going to be the mold, in other board I perfored and make the.other part of the mold.With the help of a C Clamp I made the molding process. Let it dry for about two days, and get it of the mold.You must have the other piece of leather wet too.

Step 3: Cutting & Stitching.

You must clean the leather and perfored with the Dremel Stylus where the stitches is going to be.First I cutted the band where is going to be my belt and the locker pieceand sew it to the base.Its a hard work to do and I must to be careful with the needle and don't stitch my fingers together.When I finished to stitch I just draw the final shape of the pouch and cutted the remaining parts. Then Sand the edges and smooth with some stick.

Step 4: Final Touches.

Finnally its ready to accomplis its use. It was a hard one to do but It's tottally worthy I like the rough and minimalistic style. the final product. I hope you like it. Tell me How do you like Pocket tools..? Cause I really do. Don't be shy, leave a comment below and don't forget to vote.

Only f I'm worthy.



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    Very classy! I love how well it fits due to the wet molding, I'm alway kind of amazed at what can be done with leather!