Penny Coasters

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Coasters, you need them, but instead of buying them, you can make them.

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Step 1: Materials

Cork roll or sheet
Hot glue gun or super glue
41 Pennies
Knife or scissors

-i just happened to have only a pink hot glue gun

Step 2: The Cork

Cut the cork so a row or 5 by 5 of pennies can fit

You can just put the pennies on the cork then cut

If you bought a roll of cork and plan to glue before cutting, then put something heavy on the edges.

Step 3: Glue

Glue the first 25 pennies to the cork

Glue in rows, do not glue a square out side them fill in

Step 4: 2nd Layer of Pennies

Glue the last 16 pennies so it is a 4 by 4 square

Make sure the pennies are in the middle

Step 5: Final Touches

Using your knife or scissors, trim the original square base so you cannot see the cork

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