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Introduction: Penny Picker and Placer

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According to a tool is defined as...

a handheld device that aids in accomplishing a task

My Penny Picker and Placer is a tool I built to aid in another Instructable I did this past summer. The Glazed Penny Table required me to pick up and place fairly accurately over 800 pennies with one hand while managing a tube of super-glue with the other hand.

This Instructable will show how to build this simple and useful tool I would imagine this would be helpful for picking and placing many other types of small objects. I guess the name would then change as you see fit.

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Step 1: Materials

Only two materials needed for this tool creation. I would imagine they could be found around most any home of a DIYer.

  • Small amount of painters or masking tape.
  • Unsharpened pencil or eraser end of pencil.

I suggest using the painters or masking tape over a stickier type of tape. While you want your tape to be sticky enough to grab and hold the object you are picking and placing, you don't want to struggle with getting the object off the picker when you need to. You probably do not want any of the adhesive left on your object as well after placed. Therefore, stay away from duct tape.

Step 2: Make It!

Just a few simple steps and your Picker and Placer is done.

  1. Place a small piece of tape over the end of the pencil with the sticky adhesive side facing outward.
  2. Twist the tape to shape around the pencil end.
  3. Now wrap some tape around the molded place to keep it secured to the pencil.

You are Done!

Step 3: Start Picking and Placing

Now start picking and placing the things you need to manage with your new tool.

Would love to hear what other things people need to pick and place as Makers! Might inspire me to make something else where I need this tool.

FYI... With my Glazed PennyTable instructable, I found the tape started losing its grip after about 100 pennies. If this happens, just slap on another layer of tape over the end and secure it.

Hope this idea finds its way to multiple uses.

Make It!

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